silent war

In the first chapter of this manhwa, the teacher gets semi-raped which means that she is not fully raped as she came to the redhead place with her consent. Here Redhead is referred to as a red-haired boy. He is the main boss of the apartment and our main character.

Well, the teacher is somewhat a fool as she willingly gets in the room with the boy. After which they both get intimate and with the wording of the redhead, it seems that it is not their first time and they have done it before.

She is not willing this time because the whole gang is standing outside the room where they are getting intimate. This concludes that if the gang was not outside then she would certainly have enjoyed it with the redhead. So, that’s why I consider this act as semi rape.

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Hyun’s life isn’t what he expected, and one day he gets too close to someone he shouldn’t love.

Starting with our main character. Well, there are specific characteristics that make this main character stand out from the rest of the MC’s. The MC continues to evolve as the season progresses and our mc has some top-tier character development, due to which he transforms himself from a submissive simp who follows every order to a courageous simp.

Now coming to the females in this manhwa as most of the girls in this manhwa are not virgins and some of them even are prostitutes.

But every girl has a specific reason for being a prostitute. Till chapter 52, the main character gets beaten a lot and gets a lot of crap too. But something thing happens after chapter 52 as our MC becomes a whole different person.

But after the transformation, he gives all the girls a place to live in which they are happy as well as safe which most of these girls initially lack. Well, coming to the main point, this whole manhwa is about how our main character steals girls from redheads and takes them into his kingdom. In addition to some intimate scenes, the art style used in this manhwa is top-notch.